Floating Observer

Digital software enables me to design and free fall within virtual space. Constructing a digital world that tethers itself to the sameness of todays modern landscape. Our city's have become dehumanised in height and geometric order. This redefining factor of aerial perspective and satellite imagery has deconstructed a linear perspective; no longer does our view stay static. This movement accentuates the illusion of an unknown space, a floating observation that slowly transfixes itself to the closest translucent layer. The reflections of the aluminum surface encompass the viewer, attaching themselves to the sited landscape. The abstracted wilderness connects itself to a geometric render, vector limitations that control the program itself; results to the lack of perspective. The space becomes idol, a decompressed state of our relationships between reality and the digital. This agitation between form and the objectivity within landscapes. By deconstructing the internal and external components of our modern world it reduces the objectivity that we associate to it. Reveling a moment of the future. Groundless.

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