36.2021° N, 37.1343° E

The painting illustrates a series of photographs recovered from global media reporting on the Syrian Civil War. My interest in these images is the level of deconstruction that re-orders the landscape. The extreme impact of ruin collapses the symmetry of architecture into something more chaotic. This landscape is irreconcilable as I am fixated on the objects that withstood the pressure. These buildings are no longer singular and feature an internal and external space. A fracturing of the landscape which is only represented through ruin. Although I am merely commenting on these events as an observer, I felt the urge to document in relation to my sculpture. The painting itself discloses little information to its original location as it focuses on the materiality of the paint and linen itself. The fabric acts as a non-space that spatially separates the objects into an unknown location. The ambiguity of these fragments are represented in poetic detail and abstract shapes to respond to the broken landscape. Presented amongst the surrounding sculptures reference both decay and duration. The sculptures are physical artefacts inspired from the imagery. A tool for the audience to tangibly contextualise their experience through both object and image.

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